THRIFT – Sweaters: Behind the Scenes

I’ve been a Thrift Store Fashion advocate since high school.  So I decided to start a series entitled THRIFT that showcases thrift store fashion, as serious fashion.  I contacted the Idaho Youth Ranch to pitch my concept, and see if they’d sponsor the series.  I was able to set up a meeting with Youth Ranch Executive, Jeff Meyers.  After a 20 minute meeting, they were on board to sponsor the wardrobe for the series.

It being fall, I thought that SWEATERS would be a great theme for a flagship shoot.  I contacted local model Patisse Gumiensky, as well as MUA Delila Naomi Gutierrez, and hair stylist Brittany Poe for the shoot styling.  Sarah and myself met Patisse at the Overland and 5mile Youth Ranch the Saturday before the shoot to piece together the wardrobe.

A special thanks to Proof Eyewear, Weave Gold Jewelry, and Feral Watches for adding their locally crafted pieces to the shoot.

I’ll post the photos from the shoot in my next post.  But here’s a little behind the scenes look at what made the shoot possible:

This is the Style Board I put together for everyone to pull inspiration from:

Sweater Style Board

The Saturday before the shoot, Sarah put together 4 outfits for us to use in the shoot.  It was awesome having an entire store to pull wardrobe from:

I shot 100% film, using my Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD, Rolleiflex 2.8f, Kiev 60, Horizon Panoramic, Canon 35mm, and Crown Graflex Speed Graphic 4X5.  We had 4 looks and 4 locations:

I developed the black and white film the evening of the shoot, and the color film the day after.  I shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 and Kodak Portra 400:

Film has to dry at least 24hrs.  Then, I scanned it:

I’m very happy with how the shots turned out:

Look for the full set in my next post.

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